Scent capsule – designed for the SUPER Q scent diffuser

$ 27.99

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  • 300ml capsules with 12 luxury fragrances to choose from

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    • Fragrance Sample Pack

  • Free home delivery – with minimum order of 49$ & between 3-10 days.
  • Quality & Natural oil – Original perfume scent environment friendly
  • 100% GUARANTEE – for one year.
Miyo Scent Company is the official importer of the fragrance distributor and the leading company for branding fragrances in the business sector with over 10 years of experience and professionalism in perfuming spaces of hotels, fashion stores and luxury apartment buildings.
5 star reviews
Agi A.
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Amazing service and excellent product. I purchased the scents: Paris, Las Vegas and Jerusalem and they are all amazing !! A quiet device and everyone is excited about the smell in the house .. without a doubt I will continue to purchase from you.
Or Y.
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There is no doubt that you are the Best scent company!! Your products are exceptional quality and maintain a wonderful scent throughout the day. Advises everyone not to purcahse from any other company. Those who are looking for a high level of service with a quality product need to choose Miyo Scent.
Yehuda Y.
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I purchased the device ten days ago with the "Las Vegas" and "Paris" scents and I super recommend! Beyond the amazing scents, it is important to emphasize that their service is at the best level I have come across! Recommend Recommend Recommend!
May F.
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Perfect scents so fun to come home to such a perfect scent! What is even more fun than these perfect scents is their level of service, high level of service, fast response and fast delivery. Highly recommend!Recommend Recommend Recommend!
Shon R.
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I am a client for years and have been enjoying every moment.. Morning shipment that awaits me at the door, personal customer service, team always answering, the product always arrives on time and an hotel scent always in my living room! Perfect!!!!!!
Sharon C.
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The most amazing customer service I have ever encountered in my life !! Some sensitive and pleasant patience, just a pleasure to talk to you! And the speed of WhatsApp instead of forms and web pages works so well. Of course the smells are perfect too.
Marc S.
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Excellent and fast service !! A few days ago the device stopped working and after a brief inquiry (with a representative on WhatsApp), it turned out that the filter was clogged. Within two days a mailbox was waiting for me, a new filter with no extra charge. Needless to say, the device itself works great.
Suzanne C
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An amazing device with a wonderful and special scent for those who are not looking for toilet scents. Good product, good service and fun to recommend!
Amy Z.
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Well I'll start with the fact that I'm your customer for almost 3 months, I have never encountered such good, fast, professional, and pleasant service. Your unique scents are just wow !! I am addicted to your scents! Everyone who enters my house admires and does not believe, the whole circle of friends and family have already purchased from you following the recommendation and everyone is satisfied to the roof!!
Crystal A.
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The best shopping experience ever! I've been your customers from the begining and i enjoy every moment. The fast delivery, the personal customer service, always answering, the product always arrives on time and the scent of a hotel is always in my living room! Perfect !!!!!!
Joanna M.
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Until the system came to me I did not realize how crazy this smell is!! Stunning! I have a feeling I would not want to leave the house. The delivery arrived quickly, I took the smell of Jerusalem!! Addictive !!!! Thank you!
Marie w.
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Addicted to your products! And would like to thank you for taking care of my request until the problem was solve. Everyone should learn from you!! thank you very much !!
Steven d.
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I must write that i havent encountered such a service anywhere. Immediate response. This is in addition to amazing products. I enjoy every one of the products I have purchased from home diffuser to the car diffuer. Well done!!

Try us! we promise 100% satisfaction

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FREE RETURN Up to 14 business days​

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return it up to 14 business days for scent exchange

Scent capsule – designed for the SUPER Q scent diffuser

$ 27.99



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We Supply


With minimum order of $49

UNTIL 3-10

Days delivery


For one year!

Complete satisfaction

FREE RETURN Up to 14 business days

Only eco & user friendly ingredients

Environment friendly

Common Questions

How does the package get to me?

The packages come straight  to your home within 3-10 days from the order date. We will send you confirmation of  delivery.

How much is the shipment?

All our orders over $49 are currently free of charge and all orders ship from the US.

Is there a warranty on the products?

Undoubtedly! We stand 200% behind our products and give them a full year warranty. If you purchased one of our fragrance systems, your warranty is automatically renewed from the purchase of the latest capsule.

Are your oils dangerous?

Not at all! Unlike other odor systems, we don’t use gas on packets to “push” the smell out. We use a technology called ultrasonic that turns the essence of the sewing into steam distributed from the device. We use 100% natural materials that meet IFRA’s strictest standards, the World Perfume Organization and the highest certification in the field.

What happens if I’m not happy?

The chances of you not being satisfied are very slim, but if this happens, we are contacted, the package is returned in its entirety, and we refund the full amount.

How do you pay?

Payment is made by credit card or through PayPal.

Can I consult with you?

You are more than welcome to contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to help you choose the products and smells that will suit you and answer any questions. We promise not to try to sell you things you don’t need, and to tell you everything with complete transparency and honesty.

Is the purchase secure?

The whole process is completely secure and can be paid by credit card or PayPal.

What if I don’t want to use a credit card online?

At any stage you can contact us by phone and we will be happy to help you make a phone purchase.