MaKe your

home smell like

Hotel Scents

Make Your Home

Smell Like Hotel Scents

After a decade

of enjoying our scents in hotels across the world, it is time to let you enjoy them in your own living room.

MiyoScent, The leading company in Israel in the field of atmosphere perfume and hotel branding, now coming straight to your home.

Meet the new Q system – the silent technology that is conquering the world!


The perfume systems is based on an innovative technology called nano ultrasonic. The system makes concentrated odor extract a part of the air around us without heating and without adding gases. High frequency sound waves turn the concentrated liquid into the amazing scent of your choice.

Forget about the devices that work on old thesis technology. The new Q system, brings a strong and quiet front which includes concentrated and powerful scent in a completely silent way.

The Q system is especially suitable for small and enclosed spaces such as living room, bathrooms, entrance halls, bedrooms, guest rooms and every home will become a luxury accommodation experience.

You just have to enjoy the amazing aroma!

Scent Diffuser


Size: Height 18 cm / width 8 cm

Power: By 4 AA batteries

Capsule life time: 1-2 months in average use
(depending of work time, work level & frequency)

Timer: Built-in clock for time setting of your choice

Capsule quality: 150 ml scent essence

Unique technology: concentrated & powerful odor dissipation with completely silent steam!

Air free of viruses & bacteria

Air free of viruses and bacteria Add to all our odors Quaternary ammonia and ethyl alcohol that neutralize viruses and bacteria directly from the air!

Look for the + sign above the price of the product and add it to your shopping cart

The supplement does not involve any additional cost and guarantees you maximum protection from viruses and bacteria that are in the air.

International authority

All our fragrance extracts meet the most stringent standards of IFRA – The World Organization for Perfumes and the Supreme Authority in the field.

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Only eco & user friendly ingredients

Environment friendly

Miyo Scent  brings you your vacation atmosphere to your home.

We provide top fragrances in upscale locations – the hotel lobby, the pampering room and even the rooms at the Spa or your favorite store or perfume. After a decade of our smells accompanying you in the hotels, we decided to bring them to the living room.

Miyo Scent was founded more than a decade ago with the goal of bringing better and greener technology to the world.

Together with amazing team of chemistry engineers, Entrepreneurs, scientists and marketing professionals, we have revolutionized the hotel world. We are a leading company in the field of perfume, perfume branding and bad odor removal solutions for businesses, buildings, hotels and now even with you directly in the private living rooms

* We use safe, green materials and guarantee our clients the highest quality and safety record.

For over a decade

That our scent accompanies more than 200 hotels!

These are just some of the happy-go-lucky ones who get up every morning for a unique scent experience.